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Discover a hidden paradise

The Montofoli Estate is famous for its uncommon, effervescent AMBIENCE that provides a sense of belonging, which can only be experienced on site. Enjoying a stay in one of the villas within the estate is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that guests treasure for years to come.

The extraordinary winery

  Our today cellar used to be a Christian church that is known as the temple of St. Marcus. We do not know when it was named. What we do know however, is that in this very church the contract for the transfer of ownership by the Lombards to the Catalans was signed. The Lombards…

An archaelogical site

In 1962 the estate was declared an archaeological site. The findings are displayed in the Archeological Museum of Karystos, housed in the Yokallion Institute in downtown Karystos. Through Montofoli runs an old staircase, built from the remains of ancient buildings of the region. Its 157 steps are said to have served as a road leading…