At the highest peak of mount Ochi, at 1398 meters of altitude, on a breezy plateau stands a very peculiar construction of enormous stones. This building, named Drakospito (House of Dragons), was raised, according to the legend, by Ancient Greek tribes (Dryopians) and impresses with its massive stonework and its mysterious past. According to Pausanias, it was an ancient sanctuary dedicated to the goddess of Hera. Others believe that they might have been guarding posts or even shelters for lumberjacks. Whichever the truth, their imposing size and construction technique is an intriguing enigma! The old Christian Church of Prophet Elias is built next to the Drakospito.

To get there, you drive to Aetos, pass through Metochi village and follow the route to the chestnut tree woodland (Kastanologos). From there you hike to reach the site: the path goes uphill, passes next to the Shelter and leads to the mountain summit. Moderate hike, lasting one and half hours, requires hiking shoes or sneakers, water, a hat and a light jacket. If you are not comfortable reading hiking signs (the red dots that show you are on the right trail) it is advisable to go with a guide.