Montofoli Estate has been a landmark for the region throughout time.
Its recent history is well documented and its earlier past has been established through archaeological findings.

Montofoli Estate, Chronology

Montofoli Hill

Timeless place

Archaeological findings

Ömer Bey-Pasha of Evia
“The Pasha’s Gardens”


Ioannis Paparrigopoulos

Ioannis Konstantinidis
“Ktima Konstantinidis”

King Otto I of Greece

World War II

King Paul I of Greece

Konstantinidis’ heirs

Pavlos G. Karakostas
“Ktima Montofoli”

The Vineyard

Restoration Process

Landmarks in the history of Karystos

Neolithic Era
4500 BC

Early Helladic era
3300-2000 BC

Mycenaean period
1500 BC

Trojan War
12th century BC

11th century BC

Archaic Greeks
8th century BC

Greek colonies
7th and 6th century

6th century BC

Classical Period
5th century BC

Hellenistic Times
4th-3rd century BC

Roman Times
2nd century BC

1st century BC

Late Roman Period
2nd -3rd century AC

Byzantine Rule
4th-8th century

10th century

Venetian state

Feudal Lords
13th century

14th century


Arvanites Settlers
15th century


Ottoman Rule
16th- 17th century

Greek War of Independence
18th century

The new City of Karystos
19th century



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