Greek Grape Variety: Liatiko

Vineyard: Karystos, South Evia

Wine Color: White

Wine Style: Still

Sweetness: Sweet

Vintage: 2015

Bottle Size: 500ml

Alcool by Volume: 15.5%vol

Harvest: Selective harvest (handpicked) at the end of August or begging of September. After the grapes are harvested the are sundried for 10 – 15 days.

Vinification and ageing : After the sundrying period, they are sent into a pneumatic press and ferment into aluminum tanks for another month.Five years in the oak barrels and one year in the bottle follow,before the wine is ready for the market.

Tasting notes: In the palate it’s thick and rich, with pronounced raisin taste, complemented by the aromas dried figs and plums, sweet spices and coffe.It is sweet and has a long finish.

Serving: Liatiko should be served very cold ( <4 °C ) as an aperitif or a dessety. We suggest you accompany it with dried fruits and nuts, fruit tarts and desserts with chocolate and coffee.

Ageing: 5 Years