Mosaics – Create your own mosaic

In collaboration with Laura Tapini we offer you a specially designed workshop on the Ancient art of Mosaics. An ancient timeless art flourishing all around the Mediterranean. Guided by contemporary artists you will explore the timeless history and the modern expression of this fascinating art. You will make your own piece of art to take back home from authentic Greek Marbles!

We invite you to enrich your stay in Montofoli Wine Estate or to have a fun and a creative time with your friends or family. Join us and experience how materials and contrasting colors compose and harmonize mosaics.

Montofoli Wine Estate Mosaics : Make your own mosaic art piece from A to Z.
Duration : 4 hours. We welcome adults and kids over 12.
Workshops are offered in : English | Italian | Greek
All materials needed provided: printed designs, tracing paper, Greek marbles, special mortars, support surface, tools, aprons, gloves.

Artist Bio

Laura Tapini is a conservator of antiquities, with a Mosaics’ academic background from Ravenna | Italy. She has many years of experience in the field, as well as, in teaching in Europe, Asia, and Africa, where she has worked on a variety of art. She is also the co-founder and Managing Director of Diadrasis an NGO for the protection of Unrevealed Cultural Heritage. Having been trained in classical art and graphic design, as an artist she draws inspiration from knowledge of color, material theory and a great sense of illustration and detail.