Montofoli Gold

Montofoli Gold

Greek Grape Variety: Latiko, Assyrtiko, Athriri, Aidani

Vineyard: Karystos, South Evia

Wine Color: White

Wine Style: Still, Sweet

Vintage: NV

Bottle Size: 500ml

Alcohol by Volume: 16%vol

Vinification  and ageing: Montofoli Gold is a blend of Montofoli Estate’s best vintages. Following the selection from the barrels the wine ages another 5-10 years

Tasting notes: Very rich, orange and amber tones. Luscious on the palate with freshly ground coffee beans, chocolate, raisins and dried fruit along with a long aftertaste.

Serving and Food Pairing: Montofoli Gold should be served cold (4 – 6 °C)  as an aperitif or a dessert with chocolate, coffee, full-flavoured cheeses, or Montofoli Cantucci della Nonna, our own bitter-almond biscuits

Ageing: 10-15 Years