Maria Penker creates the one and only citrus press of our childhood!

The citrus press is very close to our heart on Montofoli; We use it for pressing our Karystian lemons that are used in the larger part of the Greek cuisine and our orange juice in December and January when our citrus grove produces at its fullest. In our search for beauty and sustainability in as many aspects of our work as possible, we discovered Maria Penker’s handmade pottery, where even daily tools become a work of art.

Born in 1971, the innovative artist and ceramist Maria Penker shapes her work at the crossroads connecting the city to the country and the past to the future. She took over the renowned Swedish Medevi pottery in 2010. Afterward, she created from her home studios both in the Swedish archipelago and in the artist haven of Tribeca in New York City.

While known for her pieces’ unique nature and innovative designs, her guiding star is the intimate relationships she shares with her family and friends. This is a continuum in her art, her through-line, whether she is crafting one of her pieces for the kitchen, the gardens, for flowers, or for family gatherings. Maria’s works are designed to connect everyday moments with those we love.

You will find her citrus press on Montofoli Wine Estate, do not hesitate to contact us!